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Beyond the Audiogram

  • Event Location: Interacoustics Clinic Birmingham
  • Date: 28th February 2024
  • Fee: £250 (plus VAT)

We often find that when clients receive hearing aids for the first time, they struggle to acclimatise to them and feel that the sound is “not quite right”. This workshop examines the assessments Beyond the Audiogram and will cover a comprehensive overview of tests that can be added to your hearing assessment test battery to help find answers to these common issues. These assessments can also be used to improve client satisfaction and enhance the level of service that you can offer in the clinic.
During the workshop we will cover how speech is processed in the brain, as well as the importance of speech testing in any audiology appointment assessing the auditory pathway.
We know that we don’t hear the world in beeps, and it is important to use speech to assess sound perception and not just detection. A range of speech test options will be covered in full, including recent innovations in the area such as the brand new Audible Contrast Threshold (ACTtm) test. This test can accurately predict speech in noise performance and help you adjust the advanced features of hearing aids after just 2 minutes of testing.
The workshop will also contain practicals of all presented content allowing participants the opportunity to have hands-on experience of the techniques discussed.

Speakers: Jack Bennett and Matthew Clarkson

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